Private Individually Guided Retreats (PIGR)

I am pleased to be able to offer private individually guided, self-catered and residential retreats throughout the year in The Norfolk Wing or in The Stables at Letton Hall. Minimum of 2/3 night stay. Subject to availability.

Who are they for?

You might be involved in ministry, a leader or lay leader, a pastor or theological student from all/any denomination, or you might not describe yourself as belonging to or affiliated with any organisation or religious/Christian group in particular. You may not have experienced a retreat before and would like a space away from the busyness of life.  PIGR are for people who enjoy managing their own time and space, being ok with spending time on your own in between sessions of prayer is key to enjoying this kind of retreat. Meals are self -catered. Retreatants have their own double room with a table and chair for writing and reflection and access to a shared fully equipped kitchen, dining room and lounge which has all the facilities to prepare meals, including crocks and utensils. There are 10 acres of grounds at Letton Hall and the surrounding area is known for walks over the fields. There is also prayer space for private use in the grounds. Accompanied walking sessions can be arranged, cycles can be borrowed during your stay.

What happens on a PIGR?

A rhythm of prayer is offered, morning and evening prayer with bible reflections on a theme that is agreed before you arrive with the Retreat Director. Morning and Evening Prayer takes place in the poustinia in the grounds at Letton Hall.  St Benedict and St Francis suggest that we should pray first and then eat, and then attend to the matters of the day, so the rhythm of morning and evening prayer follows this principle - prayer first, spiritual food first and then nourishment of the body afterwards.  Jesus reminds us to seek God with all our heart and soul and mind and then we will find rest for our soul. We are to seek first the kingdom of God, this begins with creating intentional space to listen and hear what God might be saying to us, about us and for us in the space created.
1:1 sessions are offered during your stay. These are sessions of spiritual direction/faith accompaniment or therapy. The Retreat Director is trained in Ignatian Spiritual Direction for individuals and groups and a senior accredited registered member of BACP, also trained in  EMDR therapy and Clinical Supervision. When completing a booking form there is space to indicate your preference for 1:1 sessions during your stay.
To arrange a PIGR or make further enquiries complete an enquiry form on the website,,  or email

Individually Guided - Group Retreats

We are pleased to be able to offer planned group retreats in the main hall at Letton Hall from September 19th 2022. People come as individuals or couples to form a group led retreat. 1:1 sessions are available by booking in advance.

Who are they for?

All are welcome. Those who have no experience of a retreat and those who do. Individuals can book with no additional supplement or charge for their stay, couples are also welcome. These type of retreats follow the daily office,  Morning Prayer, lunch time Eucharist, Evening Prayer and Compline. In between these sessions there are group sessions of lectio divina and/or spiritual direction sessions. It is not compulsory for people to attend any/all of the rhythm of prayer, people attend through personal choice, you may want to rest or read instead, this is your retreat. It is surprising how a group of strangers is able to create a spiritual community in such a short space of time a previous retreatant commented. It is true, when we gather to create intentional space we experience the presence of God in new and deeper ways. Creating community can be intense and joyful as we rub alongside those strangers that we meet for the first time. We are reminded that we are all to fully engage with the ministry of hospitality, following Jesus directive to love one another because we meet with Christ in the other. Group retreats are for those who want to share and pray and eat together.
1:1 sessions of spiritual direction are available by booking in advance of individually guided group retreats. Guided Retreats provides spiritual direction according to the guidelines in the Retreat Association. Our spiritual directors have a formal training in spiritual direction and are experienced guides.
For our next planned group retreat see the website for details and a booking form or if you would like to speak to someone for further information or a postal booking form email the Retreats Director,

Spiritual Direction

1:1 sessions can be arranged online or in person at Letton Hall subject to availability. Contact to make arrangements or enquire. We have several spiritual directors who offer space online.

Pastoral Supervision

We are currently able to offer pastoral supervision according to APSE guidelines. This is offered online from one of our colleagues in Leicester Diocese.  For further information and enquiry email or complete an enquiry form on the website.


For private individually guided retreats and group retreats is in The Stables or The Norfolk Wing or in the Main Hall at Letton Hall. The Letton Hall site is a grade 2* listed building. There are no ensuite bathrooms although there are many bathrooms and shower blocks available for use. Your bathroom will be located along the corridor or next door to your room. There are some facilities for those who have restrictive movement, ground floor walk in shower and stair lifts – subject to availability. Your booking form will ask you to indicate if you have preferences/dietary requirements. Group retreats are fully catered by Letton Halls onsite team.  
We are also delighted to be able to continue to offer 50 % bursaries to NHS and careworker staff via the expansion of the bursary scheme offered by the Association for the Promotion of Retreats. Applications are made by request when you book your retreat.

Retreat Dates 2022

15th - 18th March

Individually Guided Retreat. The Norfolk Wing, Letton Hall. Fully Booked


28th - 31st March Individually Guided Retreat. The Norfolk Wing, Letton Hall. Fully Booked


1st June - onwards Private Individually Guided Retreats (PIGR) spaces available

Sample Programme

19th - 22nd September Individually Guided Retreat. Letton Hall. spaces available

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Sample Programme

1st - 4th November Advent Individually Guided Retreat. Letton Hall. spaces available

Sample Programme

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Advent Retreat Poster