Pastoral Supervision

What is pastoral Supervision?

Pastoral Supervision is a way of exploring ministry in an understanding and confidential setting based on the work that a person brings to a session, enabling them to develop skills of reflection which will support them in all aspects of their work.
Sessions are planned to happen on a regular basis.
Over time a relationship develops, ‘characterised by trust, confidentiality, support and openness’, allowing the supervisee freedom to explore what is happening in their context.
Pastoral supervision draws on many areas of current thinking and best practice working with the supervisee’s own understanding of theology, spirituality and the world.
At all times the well-being of both the supervisee and the people that the supervisee works with are at the heart of any work done in Supervision.

Pastoral Supervision is not:

  • Spiritual Accompaniment
  • Counselling
  • Line Management

Pastoral Supervision is:
Allowing another person to ‘see over’ your work with you in order to gain a fresh perspective.

Pastoral Supervision enables ministers to bring into the open aspects of their worklife that can be surprisingly difficult.
In a safe environment, exploration of a situation can allow insight to develop allowing us to better use the gifts and skills that we have.
Supervision also ensures that we are taking adequate care of ourselves, body, mind and spirit, recognising that we do not do this work in our own strength.

A  way of growing in:
Vocational identity
Pastoral competence
Quality of presence

A way of deepening:
Spiritual/theological reflection
Understanding of pastoral issues within context

Developed through:
Mutual learning
Responses to challenge
Recognition of accountability

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