Spiritual Direction, Listening

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual and pastoral care is at the centre of God's healing mission and ministry of love to people. It is a powerful resource offered to those who would like the opportunity to explore their faith or their questions about faith and perhaps deepen their understanding about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

It is sometimes referred to as Spiritual Direction or Faith Accompaniment where the person offering the gift becomes a Soul Friend who journeys with someone listening to their story. It is often exploratory following a request from someone who wants to understand where they are at in their Journey with God at home with family and friends and at work.

People come with all sorts of questions, the bigger questions of life and faith, they may be at a place of change in their lives and a decision has to be made, or they may be experiencing a Gethsemane moment where there is anger and upset or when there is a need to come to a place of acceptance about any given situation. Time to explore, encourage and support the person as they seek to understand what is going on for them, holy listening is the gift that is offered.

The Soul Friend or the Spiritual Director is not the expert, instead they have enough experience to create a non-judgemental and confidential listening space to create encounter with God in the knowledge that where two or more are gathered in His name He is present with us.

The opportunity for Spiritual Direction, Listening sessions are provided during guided retreats at Letton Hall. They need to be booked in advance to assure that the opportunity is available to those who would like a session during their stay.

The Retreat Association Spiritual Direction Guidelines