Coronavirus update

We offer online, day and residential Individually Guided Retreats. The significant experience of community loss, distress and anxiety during the pandemic has prompted us to expand opportunities for spiritual support in the form of creating space around a monastic rythm of prayer, good food and fellowship with the opportunity for one to one and group sessions. In addition to planned future group retreats I am pleased to be able to offer personal indiviudally guided retreats from March 2022. Individuals can visit for a morning or full day retreat, or a minimum two night residential retreat in The Norfolk Wing by sending an email request with your intended date to Revd. Deborah Hamilton-Grey (Host Chaplain), will be pleased to help you plan your visit and build your retreat subject to availability. The chaplain is now available onsite by appointment for arranging spiritual direction, counselling sessions or accompanied walking sessions, prayer and bible study. Please direct all enquiries in the first place to Revd Deborah Hamilton-Grey. Dates for group retreats are in the process of being confirmed and you will find a sample programme for group retreats on the retreats page.

We are also delighted to be able to continue to offer 50 % bursaries to NHS and careworker staff via the expansion of the bursary scheme offered by the Association for the Promotion of Retreats. Applications are made by request when you book your retreat.

The vision is to create space for encounter and transformation through the vehicle of Individually Guided Retreat. Space for you to read, sleep, walk, pray and reflect and be heard, whilst enjoying good food and fellowship, wrapped up in a monastic rythm of prayer. Join us to create spiritual nourishment for the soul and encounter healing and peace.

"Nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is to be found in Christ Jesus.." (Romans 8)
Revd. Deborah Hamilton-Grey
Host Chaplain for enquiries.