On Monday 16th March 2020 the UK government issued instructions that people should avoid all non-essential travel and contact with others to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. As a result of this we will be unable to offer/invite people to retreats in April and May.

We don't know how long the current situation will continue, we will review and post updated information based on government guidance mid April and then mid May. If you have booked a retreat in April or May we will be in touch to discuss your booking.

At this time of world wide upheaval and spiritual shaking/challenge to the way we live our lives, we pray that you will know how high, wide and deep God's love is for you, you are precious in God's sight.

We can offer telephone/zoom appointments for Spiritual Direction in the UK and reccomend that you complete an enquiry form for a member of staff to follow up.
God bless you and all those that you pray and care for, now and always.
Revd. D Hamilton-Grey